Oscar-Themed Specialty Cocktails at W Los Angeles – Westwood

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The Oscars are around the corner, and Whiskey Blue at W Los Angeles – Westwood is celebrating the 85th Annual Academy Awards nominees with some delicious and unique specialty cocktails. These Oscar-themed drinks will allow cinephiles to toast this year’s top films as they anticipate hearing those famous words, “And the Oscar goes to…

“The Daniel Day Lewis”

This delicious combination of Maker’s Mark, Averna Amaro, Crème de Cacao and Orange Bitters will put you in the shoes of the legendary actor portraying this year’s iconic Presidential role.

The Daniel Day Lewis
The Daniel Day Lewis

1.5 oz Makers Mark Bourbon

.75 oz Averna Amaro

.75 oz Marie Brizard Crème de Cacao-Dark

1 Dash of Truth Orange Bitters

Combine ingredients, shake with ice, strain and pour into a martini glass.

Served up with an orange peel garnish.


“Les Mis”

The Musical-lover in you will appreciate this specialty cocktail with its arrangement of Akvinta Orangic Vodka, ginger syrup, lime and club soda.

Les Mis
Les Mis

2 oz. Avinka Organic Vodka

.75 oz Ginger Syrup

.5 oz Fresh Squeezed lime

1 oz. Club Soda

Combine ingredients with ice into a cocktail glass and garnish with Ginger Candy


“A Silverlining”

This mixture of Purity Vodka, Combier Fruits Rouges, Crème de Cacao and nutmeg will be the perfect addition for your cocktail playbook.

A Silverlining
A Silverlining

1 oz Purity Vodka

.5 oz Combier Fruit Rouges

.5 oz Crème de Cacao-white

Mix ingredients and strain into a cocktail glass

Serve up with aerated heavy cream and top with nutmeg


“Mi Amour”

Taste the lifetime bond of love with this specialty mix of Oro Pisco Quebranta, red grapefruit, pomegranate syrup and sage.

Mi Amour
Mi Amour

1.5 oz Oro Pisco Quebranta

.75 oz Powell and Mahoney pomegranate syrup

.75 oz oz Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit juice

Combine, shake and strain over ice in a cocktail glass with a grapefruit peel garnish


“Django’s Girl”

Free your taste buds with this sweet combination of Svedka Clementine, honey syrup, lime, mint and ginger beer. 

Django's Girl
Django’s Girl

1.5 oz Svedka Clementine

.75 oz Honey Syrup

1 Fresh Lime

Small pinch of mint

Combine Svedka, honey syrup, lime and mint. Shake and strain over ice into a cocktail glass and top with Ginger Beer.



Feel the thrill in your manhunt for flavors with flavorful cocktail infused with JM Rhum Blanc, Blackwell Rum, grenadine, grapefruit, bitters and nutmeg.

Oh Dark 30
Oh Dark 30

1 oz. JM Rhum Blanc

1 oz. Blackwell Jamaican Rum

1 oz. Pomegranate juice

1 oz. Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

2 dashes of Orange Bitters

Combine ingredients over ice in a cocktail glass.

Garnish with a grapefruit peel and nutmeg.


“Life of 3.14”

Experience the adventure of the delicious blending of Grey Goose La Poire, Lychee Puree, simple syrup, lemon and pineapple juice.

Life of 3.14
Life of 3.14

1.5 oz Grey Goose La Poire

.5 oz Lychee Puree

.5 oz Pineapple Juice

.5 oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz Simple Syrup

Combine ingredients, shake and strain into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with a  pear slice.


“The Skyfall”

The smooth taste of Caorunn Scottish Gin, apple juice, ginger beer and lemon will have you feeling like 007 himself!


1.5 oz Caorunn Scottish Gin

1.5 oz Unfiltered Apple Juice

.5 oz Fresh Lemon

1 oz Ginger Beer

Combine ingredients and pour over ice in a cocktail glass.

Garnish with a mint sprig.



Rescue your taste buds with this savory mixture of Grey Goose Vodka, pistachio liqueur, and an unexpected taste of white balsamic, strawberries and sesame oil.


1.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka

.5 oz Balsamic White Vinegar

1 oz Pistachio Liqueur

Muddled Strawberries

Combine ingredients, add ice, shake and strain into a martini glass.

Serve up and top with a drizzle of sesame oil.


“Beast of the Southern Wild”

This flavorsome combination of Akvinta Organic Vodka, blackberries, raspberries and soda will have you feeling the courage to face the wild.

Beast of the Southern Wild
Beast of the Southern Wild

2 oz Akvinta Organic Vodka

1 oz Lemon Sour

Muddled blackberries and raspberries

Combine ingredients, shake and pour over ice in a rocks glass.

Top with a splash of soda water.


“Adele’s Song”

The enjoyable flavors of Avion Blanco, Licor 43, lime juice and bitters will have you singing for more!

Adele's Song
Adele’s Song

1.5 oz Avion Blanco

1 oz Licor 43

.75 oz Fresh Lime

2 dashes of Bitters

Combine ingredients, shake and strain into a martini glass.

Serve up and garnish with lime.


“The Master’s Favorite”

Take the leadership of choosing a delicious cocktail with this charismatic mix of Chivas Regal, sweet vermouth, port and a dash of bitters. 

The Master's Favorite
The Master’s Favorite

1.5 oz Chivas Regal 18 Yr.

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

.5 oz Sandeman Reserve Port

2 dashes of Bitters

Combine ingredients, shake and pour into a martini glass.

Serve up with a garnish of Luxardo Cherries.


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