Holiday Traveling Tips From ‘The Saturdays’

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The Saturdays
The Saturdays

Traveling isn’t easy to begin with. Mixing in the extra amount of people heading home for the holidays can certainly cause added anxiety and frustration. Take a few tips from the UK’s most buzzed about girl group and stars of E!’s Chasing The SaturdaysUna, Vanessa, Mollie, Frankie and Rochelle who are seasoned travelers. Let them give you a tip or two on how to keep yourself organized and entertained while traveling this holiday season.

  • New Mom Una definitely knows how to keep busy on long plane rides, especially when she is traveling with her daughter Aoife Belle. From movies, to snacks to long books, Una keeps her carry on stocked with enough activities for her baby girl. For herself, Una keeps it simple “headphones, a laptop, change of clothes for comfort on the flight, face wipes and moisturizer.”
  • Rochelle on the other hand keeps it simple when she’s travelling. All she needs is “a comfy tracksuit and headphones.”
  • It’s easy to drone out the families traveling for the holidays when you’re as addicted to True Blood and Revenge as Vanessa is. Pre download an entire season of a show you’ve been meaning to watch and as soon as the plane takes off let the marathon begin!
  • Mollie and Frankie on the other hand stock up on sweets and chat with everyone around them! “Normally the person who sits next to me gets an earful and will probably know my life story by the time we’ve landed!! How embarrassing!” -Mollie

Take it from the girls; bring your headphones, comfy clothes, sweets, face wipes, moisturizer and download a good TV series or chat it up with the person next to you for enjoyable, hassle-free traveling.

Tune into E! January 20th for the premiere of Chasing The Saturdays.

Check out this sneak peek here:

The Saturdays
The Saturdays
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