Celebs Stayed Tipsy With DISARONNO & Belvedere Vodka at “It’s So Miami Oasis” at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago During Lollapalooza

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Rose McGowan, B.o.B, Kaylee De Fer – It’s So Miami Oasis, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012
Chicago – Over the weekend, The BMF Media Group returned to Chicago during the Lollapalooza Music Festival to present “It’s So Miami Oasis” at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. The three-day sanctuary provided the media, talent, artists, industry executives, and tastemakers a retreat with live DJ sets by renowned names throughout the weekend.

Our favorites, Belvedere Vodka & DISARONNO, were on hand and kept guests and celebs tipsy all weekend!

Josh Henderson was spotted enjoying DISARONNO cocktails with friends after claiming victory on numerous rounds of ping pong with fans! His close friend and roommate, who joined him for the Lollapalooza festivities at the Hard Rock Hotel, was overheard saying, “Josh is VERY competitive. He has to win at everything, he plays a lot of sports in his free time and needs to be the best at everything he does.” But he usually is.

B.o.B was also spotted drinking DISARONNO cocktails with an entire entourage of his friends. “We all grew up together in Atlanta” the rapper told a bystander, “we need our own reality show” he joked. Later, when asked about how his love for Atlanta compares to other cities, he said “Chicago’s up there. Such a cool place. New York City on the otherhand, now that’s a place I can’t stand.” However, he was quick to add that the fans there are “some of the best in the world.” As B.o.B made his way through the lounge, he spotted Gossip Girl actress, Kaylee DeFer, who was dancing away with a Coors Light in her hand. The odd duo instantly hit it off as the rapper was overheard asking when the new season returns and if she’s been enjoying her time off. Kaylee seemed “flattered and caught off guard” said an onlooker. The two stars exchanged numbers and then headed in different directions to mingle and enjoy the party, with DeFer keeping close tabs on her new object of affection.

Destiny’s Child singer, Michelle Williams was seen greeting fellow crooner, Ryan Cabrera with squeals of excitement and a giant hug. Ryan shared the enthusiasm, introducing her to his friend and Chicago Restaurateur, Billy Dec. Billy was later overheard telling her that a boat architecture tour was the best way to see Chicago, saying, “if you like nerd things like me.” After his performance, he was relaxing with Belvedere Vodka cocktails in the VIP area when his pal, actor Michael Pena, walked in to greet him with a quizzical expression saying, “I thought you were performing?” The singer told him he had already finished his set jokingly saying, “but that’s okay – I’ll show up to your next movie an hour and a half late.” The buddies then joined Evan Ross in the It’s So Miami Oasis where Cabrera checked out SOUL by Ludacris headphones while Ross nabbed an Incredible Hulk New Era baseball cap.

We noticed that Aaron Paul and his fiancée Lauren Parsekian agreed on mostly everything at the It’s So Miami Oasis, except for their favorite baseball team, as she picked out a Mets cap from New Era and he was all about supporting LA. Why New York? She is a daddy’s girl and it’s his favorite team. They also picked up watches from Nico Live and phones from Motorola Mobility. The two joined Aaron’s sister after and headed down to the festival to see MA3. His favorite part about the festival? Dancing in the field. He told an onlooker that last year his fiancée and him got poured on and completely soaked.  What’s next for Aaron? A dark season 5 of Breaking Bad and watching the Olympics.

Josh Henderson & Kaylee DeFer, “It’s So Miami Oasis”- Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012
Rose McGowan, “It’s So Miami Oasis” – Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012
Belvedere Vodka, “It’s So Miami Oasis” – Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012
Ryan Cabrera, Michael Pena, Aaron Paul, “It’s So Miami Oasis” – Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012
Haley Reinhart, “It’s So Miami Oasis” – Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012
Michelle Williams, “It’s So Miami Oasis” – Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Lollapalooza 2012




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