Celebrate National Peach Month with Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka!

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With peach season at its peak, August is National Peach Month! What better way to mark the occasion than to raise a glass of peach-y goodness with the Skinny Summer Peach Tea cocktail – a combination of Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka and Numi’s Ready-to-Drink Peach Puerh Tea.

Not only is this cocktail delightfully refreshing, but it’s also low-cal for guilt-free imbibing!

Skinny Summer Peach Tea

Skinny Summer Peach Tea

2 oz. Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka

4 oz. Numi’s Ready-to-Drink Peach Puerh Tea

1 packet Equal

Combine ingredients and shake vigorously in shaker with ice.  Pour into glass and enjoy.  Alternatively, combine the ingredients in a glass with ice and stir vigorously.

Serve with a peach wedge or without garnish.

* Equal may be substituted with 1 teaspoon sugar or one scant teaspoon of agave syrup.


About Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka:

Introduced in late 2011, the artfully crafted Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka has the fantastic combination of ripe, juicy peach complemented by a bright hit of mint.  Open a bottle and the fragrance of fresh peach wafts up to the nose mingled with undertones of sweet almond and a touch of mint. Like the nose, the taste is overwhelmingly peach with notes of sweet almond.  The finish is cool and refreshing.

Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka

SRP: $27.00


About Numi’s Ready-to-Drink Peach Puerh Tea:

This organic bottled iced tea is a blend of green Puerh, real peach puree and fresh ginger. With a fruity flavor and slight zing, it’s a tad bit sweet and contains 100% more antioxidants than most iced teas.

Numi’s Ready-to-Drink Peach Puerh Tea

SRP: $1.99

Please let me know if you’d like high res images, additional info or if there is anything else that I can provide you with.  Thanks for your consideration!

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