Launch of ‘HUNGRY’ at Brothers Green Rooftop in Brooklyn

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HUNGRY Food Blogger Event at Brothers Green Rooftop, Brooklyn, NY

We all know Brooklyn is NYC’s new culinary capital, so on Thursday, July 19th, guests escaped to everyone’s favorite gastronomic borough to celebrate the launch of HUNGRY, Electus’ new food-centric YouTube channel, and meet some of its new stars!

HUNGRY hosts Josh & Mike Greenfield (The Brothers Green), Laura Vitale (Summer Desserts Unplugged), and Crystal Cooke & Sandy Pollack (Casserole Queens) invited guests to join them at a special rooftop cocktail party to eat their food, sample their cocktails, and speak with them about their shows and HUNGRY – the exciting new digital platform that is pushing food programming to a new level.

Josh and Mike hosted the event at their Brooklyn rooftop space and BBQ’d and made a sampling of grilled flat bread pizzas, BBQ beef sliders, herbed potato and mushroom salad, middle eastern grilled chicken kebabs and bean salad.

The Casserole Queens manned the bar, offering guests a watermelon cocktail (featured in one of their episodes on the YouTube channel), blackberry iced tea, wine, beer and water.

Laura Vitale made delicious lemon blueberry cupcakes and summer coffee cakes along with scooped lemon granite for the guests.

Guests left with recipe cards for the blackberry iced tea, lemon blueberry cupcakes and summer coffee cakes along with a summer coffee cake to-go.

Josh & Mike Greenfield, HUNGRY Food Blogger Event at Brothers Green Rooftop, Brooklyn, NY
Crystal Cooke & Sandy Pollack (Casserole Queens) – HUNGRY Food Blogger Event at Brothers Green Rooftop, Brooklyn, NY
Laura Vitale (Summer Desserts Unplugged) – HUNGRY Food Blogger Event at Brothers Green Rooftop, Brooklyn, NY
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