W New York Downtown Presents Grand Classics: ‘New York In Film’ Summer Screenings

Picture 2
Isaac Mizrahi & Derek Blasberg, W DOWNTOWN presents GRAND CLASSICS: New York in Film, photo by Billy Farrell / BFANYC.com

On Tuesday night, W New York – Downtown and Grand Classics debuted “New York in Film summer screening series featuring a film inspired by New York City and curated by New York’s notable experts in fashion and film. The first screening, Bob Fosse’s timeless classic, Sweet Charity, was hosted by fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi and co-host Derek Blasberg at W New York – Downtown’s 31st Floor Residential Lounge amidst breathtaking 360 degree backdrop of the city skyline with views of the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. Guests enjoyed a commentary on how the film’s style has helped inspire Mizrahi’s career, spiced popcorn and as a nod to the film, a 1960s themed candy and cocktail bar.

The intimate invitation-only reception was followed by a public screening on Wednesday night, giving guests a chance to watch a movie with spectacular views of Manhattan.

Other notable guests included: Alecta Hill (Model), Alexandra Pappas (Designer), Amanda Ross (Social), Amy Sacco (Social), Celine Rattray (Film Executive), Christine Mack (Interior Designer), Christopher Mason (Social/Singer), Coralie Charriol Paul (Social), David Schulhof (Entrepreneur), Donna D’Cruz (Renowned DJ), Frederick Anderson (Social), Imogen Lloyd Webber (Political Commentator/Author), Janis Savitt (Jewelry Designer), Jennifer Creel (Social), Patricia Field (Stylist), Petrina Khashoggi (Social), Susan Shin (Social), Tommy Silverman (Entrepreneur), Waris Ahluwalia (Jewelry Designer/Social), Wolfgang Wehen (General Manager for W New York Downtown) and more.

100% of proceeds from the screening will support Isaac Mizrahi’s chosen charity, The Good Shepherd, an organization that serves over 20,000 New Yorkers with focuses on youth development, education and family services.

The film’s second screening, presented by director and filmmaker Spike Lee will take place on July 26 and 27 with further details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Donna D’Cruz, W DOWNTOWN presents GRAND CLASSICS: New York in Film, photo by Billy Farrell / BFANYC.com
Coralie Charriol Paul, W DOWNTOWN presents GRAND CLASSICS: New York in Film, photo by Billy Farrell / BFANYC.com








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