Getting Tipsy with Akvinta Vodka at Bar Marmont

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Akvinta Vodka cocktails at Bar Marmont

Hollywood – On Wednesday night, Tipsy Diaries headed over to the famed Bar Marmont on Sunset Blvd. to check out the only honest vodka around, Akvinta Vodka. As the “first Mediterranean luxury vodka,” Akvinta has NOTHING to hide; no impurities, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring, and no added sugars – they are the real deal!

Throughout the evening we sipped on 3 honest cocktails; “The Pretty Girl,” “The Dirty Publicist,” and “The Editor Special” and they were oh so good! No lie!

As we took back one too many cocktails of “the smoothest vodka,” we realized how much we LOVE a cocktail that isn’t too overpowering or too strong. The flavors in each cocktail combined with the smooth taste of Akvinta, made for a very well-balanced mix of alcohol and taste.

Our absolute favorite (we had 3!) was “The Pretty Girl.” Made with basic ingredients – Lemon, Simple Syrup, 2 muddled strawberries, and Akvinta, the vodka blended well with all ingredients to create a tasty, fruity drink!

Akvinta can be found from coast to coast at upscale hotspots such as Bagatelle, Nobu, STK, Drai’s, Bar Marmont, and many others.

So next time you’re looking to get tipsy – get real, and go with Akvinta.

Akvinta Vodka “The Pretty Girl”
Akvinta Vodka “The Editor Special”
Akvinta Vodka “The Dirty Publicist”





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