Tipsy at SXSW


So yeah, SXSW is about music, film, new technologies, blah blah blah. But we all know that the real fun is in the parties, the alcohol, and the memories made!

We’re here to keep you updated on the drunkenness that is taking place in Austin, TX this week! Check back daily for more updated tweets! Bottoms up!

@i_ADH OH at #SXSW: “I’ve been drinking since 8am.” I now feel like I’m slacking for starting my drinking at noon.

@megdowdy At the Google rooftop party: never seen so many hipsters drinking miller light non-ironically in my life. #sxsw

@brandonstosuy If I continue using the #sxsw tag throughout the year, does that mean I continue drinking beer at 11am without shame? #sxsw

@loudpak_swisher i really just wanna get tipsy n enjoy the different music venues at sxsw.

@TheCaptain666 cant wait to meet so many drunk people who wont remember me #sxsw

@AlexAllTimeLow SXSW; we were drunk, but Google wasn’t.

@kinseyschofield If #sxsw has taught me anything so far it is that I need to get my tattoos removed and drunk people are unattractive.

@ADAMDEVINE Still drunk. Look like garbage. Ready to party all day at #workaholics house party!!! #SXSW

@brandonstosuy It’s not a festival until a drunk guy talks to you about how hot he bets satan’s wife is. #sxsw

@merkmaloney So running back to my hotel through the rain drunk at 4AM might not have been the best idea #shinsplints #sxsw

@NicholsAccomp When I go to SXSW next week, I’m going to change my bio to “At SXSW getting drunk” because I’m going to be at SXSW getting drunk.

@cobra_mike Nearly every panel I’ve attended at #sxsw someone has said the term “reframe the problem”. I smell a #sxsw drinking game


@magnoliaVTGmama I know it’s possible, but not drinking and falling asleep at like 9PM makes having an epic time at #sxsw kind of challenging

@Zonozi Now you can try to take advantage of me by getting me drunk good ol SXSW

@Alaskeya I think I can get drunk at inappropriate times this week in honor of #sxsw


@kimberlyyn “the thought of being drunk and sleeping on someones floor for three days is really unappealing” @miachristiana on SXSW #weareold

@JuliaAllison LOL! “You have to think before you tweet. I feel like I’m one drunk tweet away from getting fired every day!” – @BravoAndy #SXSW

@CraigHlavaty Nothing beats the changeover from hopeful techie optimism to a drugged and drunk funk at SXSW when the music begins on Wednesday.


@cuttingc0rners drunk people during the day and night everywhere #sxsw

@elowitz What the what? No free cocktails at the #sxsw bing party? Word on the street is bing must have finally ran out of money!

@saren #sxsw is all about hunting for electricity and resisting alcohol. Or is it the other way around?

@kalanirosell Alcohol alchemy #sxsw #mashsxsw


@isabelj SXSW Interactive is just a fancy name for what happens when a bunch of white nerds are given alcohol and a sense of belonging.

@AndrewCrow OH: “This is a drinking conference with a panel problem” #sxsw

@nhoug I’d say I’m never drinking again but I’m already drinking again #sxsw

@Sousaphil Drinking beer and learning about data visualization. I love #sxsw

@DrinkArt Drinking some Drambuie cocktails at SXSW Thrillist Rocktails!

@SxSdom I guess it’s now safe to announce: free food, free drinks, & free music at every other bar for the next five days. #sxsw

@evanhamilton “I could’ve earner enough money during my time waiting in line for free drinks to have paid for them.” #sxsw



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