The Stars React to the Death of Whitney Houston

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Los Angeles  – Whitney Houston, one of the greatest singers of all time, has died this afternoon at the age of 48, on the eve of the Grammy Awards. She was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel just a few hours before she was to attend Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party. More details to follow…

Mariah Carey: She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.

Ryan Seacrest: At Grammys rehearsal hearing Whitney Houston has passed away at 48. Everyone here is absolutely stunned.

Gloria Estefan: Whitney was always so sweet to me! Was rooting for her through her struggles! Such a shame…I’m truly saddened by this news!

LA Reid: I am completely devastated by the loss of the greatest voice of all time! R.I.P Whitney Houston. I will always love you!

Chilli: I can’t believe this news about Whitney Houston..I am so upset, i loved her very much and I’ll never forget her….another Angel gone 2 soon

Jennifer Lopez: Such a loss. One of the greatest voices of our time. Sending out prayers to her family… #R.I.P.Whitney.

Rihanna: No words! Just tears #DearWhitney

Toni Braxton: My heart is weeping…RIP to the Legendary Diva & Icon Whitney Houston!!!!! Such an incredible influence over music as a whole!

Oprah: To me Whitney was THE VOICE. We got to hear a part of God every time she sang. Heart is heavy, spirit grateful for the GIFT of her.

Tony Bennett: It’s a tragedy. Whitney Houston was the greatest singer I’ve ever heard and she will be truly missed.

Kelly Rowland: My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to her daughter, her mother and to all of her loved ones.

Vanessa Williams: Condolences to #whitneyhouston’s family. What a tragic loss for the music world and her fans around the globe.

Katy Perry: So devastating. We will always love you, R.I.P.

Tyrese: Whitney Houston has passed away…I can’t believe it..This is unreal..May God Bless her daughter and family rest in singing heaven..

Drake: RIP Whitney Houston

Lil Wayne: R.I.P Whitney Houston. #Retweet for Respect.

Christina Milian: I’m so sad to hear of #WhitneyHouston’s passing. May she rest in peace. My prayers & condolences to her daughter & family. 4ever remembered.

Andy Cohen: So sad. One of my favorites. The golden, pure voice will live forever. #RIPWhitney

SHAQ: R.i.p. to a Newark legend Whitney Houston. I’m gonna miss auntie, this one hurts. We lost a legend dam dam dam. Thank you for everything.

Kris Jenner: So so sad that Whitney Houston died.. praying for her daughter and her family…tragic..just heartbreaking..amazing talent, amazing voice..

Wyclef Jean: The voice of an Angel, the Heart of a Lamb, the spirit of a Lioness, the presence of a Goddess, love you R.I.P Whitney Houston

Eva Longoria: My heart is broken…. #ripWhitneyHouston

Nicki Minaj: Jesus Christ, not Whitney Houston. Greatest of all time.

Magic Johnson: R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Our prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina and her family.

Simon Cowell: I am so sad to hear about Whitney. We have lost one of the greatest singers of all time.

Carson Kressley: RIP the amazing #whitneyhouston

Paula Abdul: I am devastated. I am absolutely devastated at the news about Whitney Houston. Such a tragic, tragic loss.

P. Diddy: Whitney Houston!!! OMG!! I really can’t believe this.. This is one of the saddest days ever..

Fabolous: One of the best Movie & Soundtrack combinations ever…#RIPWhitneyHouston

Kourtney Kardashian: Wow! I just heard of Whitney Houston’s passing. My heart and prayers go out to her daughter. She will always be remembered. Very tragic.

Estelle: mama whit. RIP. my heart hurts.

Carson Daly: She was found at Beverly Hilton Hotel which is where Clives Party is unite. So can is reporting and also that Ray J found her

John Legend: RIP Whitney. So sad….I hope the Grammys can put together a tribute at the last minute

Kim Kardashian: Just heard the tragic news that Whitney Houston passed away. I pray for her daughter & loved ones. We will always love you Whitney…

Nick Cannon: “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” RIP to Whitney Houston a true queen.

Justin Bieber: just heard the news. so crazy. One of the GREATEST VOICES EVER just passed. RIP Whitney Houston. My prayers go out to her friends and family

Star Jones: I can’t watch anymore news. It’s too painful when a sister-friend passes; don’t want analysis…want reflection. RIP #Whitney

Ricky Gervais: RIP Whitney Houston An amazing talent & a tragic soul. So sad.

Jermaine Dupri: OMG!!! Whitney Houston died, No way !!! …..I Dedicate my set tonight to WHitney, I will always love you

Russell Simmons: deeply saddened by the death of Whitney Houston…may she rest in peace

Christina Aguilera: We have lost another legend. Love and prayers to Whitney’s family. She will be missed.

Kelsey Grammer: Rest in Peace Whitney, you’ve blessed us all in the very short time with us…now it’s time for you to go home and rest with our Lord, Amen










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