Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your PET at the W Los Angeles – Westwood

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Do you ever feel bad when you head out for Valentine’s Day and leave the REAL love of your life at home to chew bones all night. Well now thanks to the W Los Angeles – Westwood, you can invite your four-legged, furry friends along for the fun!

This VALENTINE’S DAY, the W Los Angeles – Westwood is launching its new FIDO’S KITCHEN menu. Guests and locals are invited for dinner and a movie, complete with popcorn, a glass of wine, and a treat for their pet!

The menu below is available starting February 14, 2012.

On Valentine’s Day (2/14/12) there will also be a special screening of Best In Show at The Backyard at W Los Angeles – Westwood. The movie starts at 7:00PM. For reservations call: 310.443.8218


Fido’s Kitchen Menu: The Backyard Doggie Dishes

Appetizers and Sweets:

Milo’s Chopped Veggie & Chicken Salad

Carrots, Apples, Spinach, Cucumber and Poached Chicken



Hank’s Apple Crunch Cakes

Honey sweetened Fresh and Dried Apple and Quinoa



Knuckle’s Frozen “POP!”

Organic Yogurt, Mashed Banana and Peanut Butter




Stella’s Mutt”za” Balls

Organic Chicken, Free Range Eggs and Brown Rice



Chaplin and Costello’s “Roaring Burger”

Ground Lean Lamb, Fresh Mint and Brown Rice



Pepper’s Seafood Goulash

Ground Salmon, Oats, Spinach and Kale


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