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Free Global Shipping to Coincide With the Launch of the New Season Collection from, the 2nd largest online clothing retailer in the UK, has launched their new season collections, featuring over 4,000 inspiring fashion products, and are now offering free global shipping to customers in 48 countries worldwide. is for the fashion-forward woman, looking for trend-led, affordable British fashion. offer unique styles from their exclusive own label ranges such as Love Label, plus fashion-forward products from British brands and designers.

The new spring summer collections from feature must-have womenswear lines for the coming season: pretty shift dresses, colorful tunics, peg leg trousers, blazers and pastel jeans. Key colours for this season’s spring and summer wardrobes include metallic gold, burnt oranges, bright yellows and sugary candy tones, as well as block prints.

The fantastic fashions available from’s new Spring collection include ladylike 60s-inspired dresses in candy colours with delicate embellishment, strong tailoring with bold pops of colour, 80s influences and lots of stripes. Over 400 fashion brands are featured, including the Whitney Eve collection.

A spokesperson said: “We are delighted to bring to customers outside of the UK. We believe our exclusive Love Label range is our best ever. It brings catwalk-inspired fashion to customers at affordable prices. To celebrate the launch of our new ranges we are offering free global shipping to all our customers whatever the size of their order.”








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