Doctors Who Are Better Than Conrad Murray

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Los Angeles – Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson.


Just because Neverland’s doctor can’t maintain a patient’s pulse, it doesn’t mean that all overpaid doctors will throw that sheet over you. Here are a few docs, who even though might make a lot of dough, still strive to improve our lives by making this world a much better place for all, and by doing so, “we will always treasure our relationships and think on them with fond memories, warm feelings, and a special place in our hearts.” -“Doc” Emmett L. Brown (Back to the Future)


Dr. Doolittle – Leading healthcare professional in animal pediatrics.


Dr. Pepper – Bringing variety to the McDonald’s beverage menu.


Dr. Strangelove – Taught us how to laugh even during the most depressing and inappropriate situations.


Dr. Gregory House– Improving Fox’s line-up Mondays at 9/8c


Dr. Suess – Allowed children with even the most severe cases of A.D.D. to learn how to read. “Hop on Pop”… CLASSIC!


Dr. Huxtable – Needs no elaboration…


Dr. Kivorkian – Brings a**hole to a whole new level, while also being quite the humanitarian.


Dr. Hartman from family guy! – “This doesn’t look very good. No, this doesn’t look very good at all…My Nephew drew my portrait; it doesn’t look a thing like me. I mean, look at the nose, it’s all…”


Dr. Scholls – The only reason why many others, including myself, can live without their own parking spots…even though their boss’ completely overlooked them for the promotion that would make a reserved parking spot possible…but instead gave it to some Debbie-Do-Gooder who is totally stealing office supplies.


Dr. Dre – He fixes rappers that lost their BEATS!


Dr. Frankenstein – Provides horror stories for the lil’ ones.


Dr. Quinn Medicine woman – …who? I guess…kept our grandma’s on the couch so we could run-a-muck?


da witch doctor – Brought the PHD to new levels.


Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon – okay…maybe not him…


Dr. Phil – Keeping parents aware and preventing kids from getting away with sh*t!


Doogie Howser M.D. – Gave N.P.H. a job.


Dr. No –  Eh, it’s clear he’d be Dr. Yes if he was getting MJ type money.

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