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Dear Tipsy, 

So I met this guy at the SLS hotel the other night. Gorgeous, tall, dressed the part, quite the charmer…the perfect package…from the outside. Five minutes into the conversation, a tiny problem came up. So he told me that he sold his “website” for 1/2 a million and purchased a house in the hills for his parents, a new SLK, a Rolex, and a condo in the 90210 zip…What problem right?…Well, besides the fact that the goods cost a whole lot more than 500k, I HATE HATE HATE when guys bring this up not even 5 minutes into the conversation! I don’t know about anyone else, but it turns me off immediately.

We parted ways..and of course, he texts me an hour later, and tells me to meet him at his house in the valley…and he can’t pick me up because his car is in the shop…a car in the shop = no car at all.

Ummm…I’m calling bullish*t

-Nicky, new to Los Angeles…people tell me I need to get use to this

memorable nights deserve an entry…submit yours today, before they become a blur! (submissions will remain anonymous) [contact_form]


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