Top 10 “Worst” crying scenes…Sorry Mel…


I’m not saying it’s easy, but for a few million dollars a flick, those water works better sing.

10. Sixth Sense (Haley Joel Osment) – He’s a “widdle” guy so well go easy on him, but at least he didn’t look ugly while he did it, unlike all other toddlers.

9. Schindler’s List (Liam Neeson) – This one is on the fence. It’s accurate in the fact that the majority of ‘B&W movie’ actors lacked the ability to act. Im not saying “ALL,” but most. So, Liam was either extremely on point or just awful. You decide.

8. Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt) – I love Brad Pitt, especially in his Troy get up, but…unfortunately too much FACE and not enough SOB.

7. The Patriot (Mel Gibson) – Crazy ol’ Mel… As much as we love seeing the SAME exact cry in every movie you do…The lip quivering had it’s time.

6. First Blood (Sylvester Stallone) – …only in America…this dudes an actor? Yes I know, Rocky was great, but they should of known someone with such distinctive qualities and characteristics was meant to be type casted and live off of royalties.

5. Se7en (Brad Pitt) – Oh Bradley… Your beautiful face is meant for smiles, not cries. Morgan Freeman is just standing there like, WTF? How am I suppose to work off that?

4. Signs (Mel Gibson) – Well if Pitt is making it twice, you are too Mel. I don’t believe either ‘The Patriot’ or ‘Signs’ is worse then his cry performance in ‘Ransom’ but I will argue that they are all the same. Which makes every Mel Gibson movie a Mel Gibson performance.

3. SAW (Cary Elwes) – From the little I’ve seen, drama maybe not, but the corny character, Jerry, in ‘Liar Liar’ spot on!

2. Rocky III (Sylvester Stallone) – I’ll say it again. Should of just ended it with ‘Rocky.’ Though, it might be painful to watch, at least he was playing a boxer with one too many blows to the head, which made Stallone OWN this movie.

1. Magnolia (Tom Cruise) – After a few frisbee throws, my dog, Fluffy, does the same exact thing.

Though the scenes above may lack realism, maybe these A-list actors should take a few tips from this dude… 23 Million viewers would seem to agree.



‘Cry Scene Compilation’ courtesy of Collective Studios.

‘Best Cry Ever’ provided by… Some genius lil’ shit on YouTube…






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