Two Brothers Launch Mobile App, ‘NIGHTREVEL’ that will Transform City Nightlife Forever

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Lufingen, Zurich: Promoting a nightclub event can be stressful and expensive for most club owners. Two brothers, inspired by the American nightlife, has launched “Nightrevel,” a mobile application that allows nightclub owners post events and attract guests. After registering on the website and filling out all data, club owners can start posting details of their events and download the app to attract hundreds of guests without paying a dime. No need for organizers to pay promoters, hosts, and cashiers, making it super easy to manage costs and income. Nightrevel offer secure payment system that tracks cash flow in real time, eliminate possible difficult guests, and guarantee a safe environment.

Professional and creative club owners don’t have a problem coming up with great event ideas. The issue has always been managing expectation and costs and envisaging how many guests will show up at your event. Nightrevel is here to solve that problem on a single platform. It is also interesting to note that our search engine already has 51 nightclubs in the system. The company’s ultimate plan is to help nightclub owners find the right partygoers, avoid difficult guests, and ensure a safe environment through cashless transactions,” said Roberto Serra, Co-Founder at Nightrevel Ltd. liab. Co.

Nightrevel is a revolutionary mobile app designed to change the way people organize or find club events. Nightclub owners have to sign up on the website as a manager and fill in their details. They can afterward use the app to sign in to promote their events, collect fees, and find the right guests. Partygoers only needed to download the app, sign up, and find top nightclubs hosting an event, in their community.

Making city nightlife easier, 
Nightrevel makes city nightlife easy by many ways. Guests can choose their hotspot for the night and can earn a commission for putting in an appearance at the event. No more bouncer issues at the entrance as payment can be made online and entrance guaranteed with a simple scanning of code. The app offers the most useful tools for discovering popular event spots every night.

Nightrevel saves me a whole bunch of issues when planning my nightclub event. I wonder why no one had thought about this until now. It is unbelievably efficient, providing amazing tools for me to interact with guests hours or days before they show up at my club entrance,” said Prince G, a nightclub owner.

In the future, the company plans to include a feature that allows users to rate nightclubs by sharing their experience and writing reviews. This will make the app get better over time as the clubs with the best services will get priority exposure and recognition. Nightrevel will be available on Google Play by the end of July 2017.



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