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So as we all know, Beyonce announced to the world that she was pregnant after her amazing performance at the VMAs. We are still in shock she can dance in those heels at 5 months preggos. Gives us something to strive for I guess.


As reported, after the announcement of her pregnancy, a twitter record was broken with 8,868 tweets per second. This has been the most discussed topic on twitter since its genesis.


The twitter world responds to the news of Beyonce & Jay-Z expecting a baby…


RT @jimmyfallon Beyonce & Jay-Z are expecting a baby. Man, that kid is gonna have everything! Except a last name. #FallonMono


RT @RidingOnDMetro Something that kept me up all night: Who has custody rights –Beyonce or Sasha Fierce?


RT @JudasDaniel Can I die and be reincarnated as Beyonce‘s baby?


RT @DouglasJoesph The awkward moment when beyonce‘s baby come out looking like kanye.


RT @Breakcom RT if you did NOT tweet about Beyonce‘s baby. #VMAvanityoverload


Crazy! RT @shadihamid Sad RT @thinkprogress: News that Beyonce was pregnant set a new tweets-per-second record, topping Bin Laden’s death thkpr.gs/nvKYCa


RT @C0llegeKid When Beyoncé gets her first ultrasound, I hope her OB/GYN says “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”


RT @iasshole I don’t get this Beyonce thing. I announced one of my pregnancies at one of my arraignments and I just got kicked out of Toastmasters


AGREED! RT @KINGBeysus now that i know Beyonce was dancing to End of Time while PREGNANT, no excuse why i can’t learn this dance !


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