Leisure Diving – coming to a pool near you!

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Diving…what does a dive mean to you? Sure, the frontward backflip might look flashy and quite appealing, but it’s really just overcompensating for one’s lack of creativity. Ever since diving’s inception into the Olympics in 19-something, the sport has blown up in backyard pools all over. Though there have been many innovative dives since diving boards came to backyard pools, like the more popular, swan dive, pencil dive, jack-knife, and that crazy cannon ball (we know it’s not really a dive), there have been none with such meaning, and attitude, until now.

Let me introduce to you the latest trend to hit poolsides nationwide. Behold the shiek, the stylish, the attitude-driven, the LEISURE DIVE! Not just any dive, but a dive that stands for something. A dive that can define you and your individual personality. Though it might seem simple, and almost always ends up with the more painful belly-flop, to achieve this dive to its fullest, you must be prepared to sacrifice.

Now you may ask wtf is a leisure dive. Well let me explain. A leisure dive is when you jump into a body of water striking a ‘leisure pose’ in mid-air. A leisure pose is something like this…

It can be with one elbow raised, preferably holding a drink, in order to exemplify your true state of leisureness. Don’t forget to put on your leisure face, which should show to the world that you are just relaxing, enjoying a cocktail.

Now that you are fully educated on the newest trend to hit pools everywhere, make sure you have a friend snap a photo of you in your short lived leisure state, mid-air, and submit to submit@leisuredive.com in order to possibly be featured on their website, if leisurely enough!







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