Best Of: Cupcakes

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Cupcakes…cake in a cup…I love cake and who doesn’t love cups? However, we can all agree that cake itself is just one pain in the ass. You need all those annoying utensils and the plate alone takes up a whole hand! Not to mention “cake on the go” adds about 4 sizes to your waist line…Proven fact, look it up….

The revolutionary solution, a Cupcake…un Magdalena, ein Törtchen, un petit gâtea, 杯形饼 …you get the idea. Also, think back to those painful teen years, sitting by the phone, wondering why he never called. Who was there for you? Really, who was giving you all that comfort…all that support…designed specifically to give you that quick access of a pull to its soul of cakey goodness. Yes…Cupcakes were there…Cupcakes were there….

Since all of us here at Tipsy Diaries L.A. understand the significance of a cupcake, we called up our in-house cupcake expert, and we hit up the most popular cupcake joints in Los Angeles.

This time around we decided to focus on the most well known cupcake shops in the U.S. so our fans on the east coast could relate to our findings and not just the west coast crowd. We are here to please everyone. Each shop that we focused on could also be found in New York.

We put our taste buds to the test and hit up Magnolia Bakery on 3rd Street, Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, and Crumbs Bake Shop in Beverly Hills.

We rated each cupcake shop out of 5, based on:

1. Atmosphere of shop

2. Decor of cupcake

3. Overall taste.

First stop: Magnolia Bakery

Most popular cupcake, the ‘Classic Vanilla Cupcake.’

Classic Vanilla Cupcake, Magnolia Bakery

Atmosphere: Unfortunately, there wasn’t a seating area in this cupcakery, which made it a little difficult to sit and enjoy a cupcake. Regardless, we LOVED the decor of the shop with its feminine, vintage inspired look. RATING: 4

Decor of cupcake: Simple and classic. Nothing too fancy. RATING: 3

Overall taste: Sweet, but not too overwhelming! Just right. RATING: 4

Total: 11


2nd stop: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Most popular cupcake, the ‘Black and White cupcake.’

Black & White cupcake, Sprinkles Cupcakes

Atmosphere: This cupcake shop was definitely SMALL! with very limited seating (4). No wonder there is always a line out the door. It had a very cute, simple, clean, and modern look. Also very hip! RATING: 4

Decor of cupcake: Simple, yet not too boring. Good looking cupcake in my book. Not over the top. RATING: 4

Overall taste: A tad dry in the cake department, however, that didn’t stop it from tasting good. The sweet and sugary frosting took over our taste buds for just the right mix of cake and frosting.  RATING: 4

Total: 12


3rd stop: Crumbs Bake Shop

Most popular cupcake, the ‘Reese’s cupcake.’

Reese's cupcake, Crumbs Bake Shop

Atmosphere: The design and theme of the cupcake shop was a little everywhere. Not as put together as the other shops. Loses points on appeal. RATING: 2

Decor of cupcake: VERY appealing to look at! Crumbs’ cupcakes have a bigger presence than the other cupcakes at other shops. Mouthwatering. Great presentation! RATING: 5

Overall taste: A little dry, but delicious frosting! Wayyy too sweet as a whole. The taste didn’t match the big and bold look of the cupcake. RATING: 3

Total: 10


After our cupcaking around town, the Tipsy Squad came to the conclusion that Sprinkle’s cupcakes wins based on the atmosphere of the cupcake shop, the decor of the cupcake, and the overall taste!

Just as a side note, we don’t want to forget about the other amazing cupcakery’s around Los Angeles. This time around we decided to focus on the most publicized cupcake shops to find out if their attention is deserved or if they are just blowin’ smoke.

Congratulations to Sprinkles! We’ll be back soon!




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