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Using Your Smartphone to Play Casino Games


With the continued growth of the online gambling industry, more and more of us are choosing to sign up to casinos on the internet. Whether you prefer poker or slot machines, blackjack or bingo, there is bound to be a great casino just waiting to meet your every desire. Nowadays, it is even possible to […]


Vaping & Gaming


On the surface, you would have to think that vaping and gaming would go hand in hand.  In the world of online gaming or computer gaming, it is imperative that you are right there in the moment with your virtual team coordinating together and fighting side by side on the screen for the good of […]


How to Handle Las Vegas in 2018


Las Vegas is a fascinating city. It changes with the times but maintains its character at the same time. It’s always Vegas, but visiting in 2018 is certainly nothing like visiting in past decades, and visiting in 2028 will surely make for a very different kind of trip as well. In a way, this is […]