How to Handle Las Vegas in 2018

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fascinating city. It changes with the times but maintains its character at the same time. It’s always Vegas, but visiting in 2018 is certainly nothing like visiting in past decades, and visiting in 2028 will surely make for a very different kind of trip as well. In a way, this is what keeps it so exciting and dynamic.

Here are some of our tips for what to prioritize in Vegas these days!


Try Some New Games

If you’re going to embrace modern Las Vegas, you may as well embrace the latest potential trend in its entertainment. If you haven’t heard, the city is attempting to embrace ordinary video games, not just in eSports arenas (which are also starting to get big in Las Vegas), but through new gambling machines. Millennials review these video game gambling options, and if that means financial success, we can rest assured pay-for-play and gambling arcades will be popping up all over the city. It isn’t a bad idea to give it a shot in the early days of the trend!


Check Out Traditional Casinos As Well

With all of the above said, it’s also unwise to assume that the casinos in Las Vegas are disappearing in their traditional form. It’s true that they’re facing more competition, but traditional casino games have been adapted into digital forms, where they’re offered by companies in Europe, in Canada,, and in New Jersey as well for that matter. People have other ways of enjoying games they once could only get in Vegas. However, it would take more than some online competition to kill the spectacular casinos of Las Vegas. There are still poker rooms and blackjack tables, rows and rows of slot reels, and all the table games you could imagine. They’re still very much part of the experience.


Visit A Newer Spa

There are spas in most if not all of the top Las Vegas resorts. They are all over the place. But if you really want to feel pampered, take a visit to one of the newer casinos, where the spa facilities are by all accounts at another level. This means places like the Aria and the Waldorf Astoria (formerly the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas). You don’t necessarily have to be staying at these places to try their spas – though it’s worth noting that they also happen to be among the most comfortable hotel facilities in town these days.


Head To Fremont Street

We pay so much attention to the Strip in Las Vegas, the main stretch of casino resorts and their accompanying attractions, that it’s easy to forget the city is bigger than a single street. You can find a whole lists of bars, restaurants, etc. off the Strip that are recommended to visitors – almost like finding attractions in the outer boroughs of New York, despite most of the main attractions being in Manhattan. Perhaps the main area worth exploring off the Strip, is Fremont Street, a downtown area that is essentially its own indoor-outdoor mall of casinos, as well as a sort of constant light show. Some actually find it more charming than the Strip.


Don’t Miss Cirque du Soleil

Las Vegas has a reputation for shows of all kinds, but by this point there’s a specific type of show that’s come to define live performance in the city: Cirque du Soleil. Yes, there are concerts from some of the biggest acts in the world, as well as magic acts, comedy shows, and who knows what else. But there’s something about Cirque du Soleil that almost seems to belong to Vegas at this point. The tricky part is deciding which show to go to, because there are numerous versions of the inventive circus at different venues around the city. But seeing any one of them during your stay is a wonderful experience.


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