5 Tips for Bar Hopping in VAIL, COLORADO

Vail, Colorado

VAIL is one of the most popular travel destinations in COLORADO. Known mainly for being the home to the third-largest ski-resort in the country, Vail also has a lot to offer in the form of nightlife. If you’re planning a trip to Vail and want a fun way to spend your evenings, consider bar hopping.

Vail, Colorado

Here are five tips for bar hopping in Vail, Colorado.



Bar hopping requires research and planning. If you’ve never visited Vail before, you will be lost trying to put together an impromptu bar hop. Moreover, by taking some time before your trip to find the best bars, you can save yourself from poor service and a bad experience.

Read blogs from other travelers and find reviews of local bars to help narrow down your list. Then, put together an itinerary and map out your night. By creating a plan for your bar hopping adventure, you will have more control and structure, which will make your night more enjoyable.



When planning your bar crawl, don’t forget where your hotel is. With so many great rentals and hotels in Vail, you can choose a place that is located in close proximity to popular bars. In addition to finding a centrally located hotel, you can optimize your bar hopping strategy to start at the furthest bar and work your way back to your lodging.

For instance, the Vail Ale House and Shakedown Bar are two popular bars in Vail, and they are roughly three miles apart. By mapping out your bar hopping based on where your hotel is located, you can avoid getting lost or having to make critical decisions while under the influence.



Part of the fun with bar hopping is trying new things – hence the changing of scenery throughout the evening. Be adventurous. Don’t stick with the same beer that you drink at your local watering hole – try new drinks! Ask the bartender if they have any unique cocktails, mixed drinks, or shots. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.



Are your friends up for anything? Can they laugh at themselves? If so, consider making your bar crawl themed. Maybe you’re visiting Vail for a bachelor or bachelorette party and want everyone to wear matching t-shirts. Maybe you’re just having a fun night out and want to make it more memorable. Whatever the case, creating a theme around your bar hop can be a fun way to add to the night.



This should go without saying, but one of the most important tips when bar hopping in Vail is to be responsible. If you’re on vacation, it’s fun to cut loose – but, not at the expense of your safety or anyone else’s. Try to break up your drinks with water and food, and never drive if you’ve been drinking.
Bar hopping is a fun way to see Vail. After a long day on the slopes, there is nothing more satisfying than a nice cold drink. If you’re planning a night out in Vail, consider setting up a bar hop for your group.


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