HERNO Celebrates First-Ever US Flagship Boutique in SoHo, New York

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 12.40.42 PM
Olivia Labella, Claudio Marenzi, Gabriele Baldinotti

New York – On Thursday night, Herno hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of the brand’s first-ever flagship boutique in SoHo, NYC. Guests shopped the brand while enjoying passed bites by Cipriani.

Herno, a 70-year-old Italian family-run business was founded by Giuseppe Marenzi out of demand for “impermeabili” aka raincoats, and is now led by his youngest son, Claudio Marenzi, current President & CEO. With a commitment to sophistication, timeless style and innovative collections, Herno stands out as a brand that has built their reputation by paying tribute to and respecting the power of nature.

Music by Paul Sevigny with Sophie and Wolfgang Sevigny

Friends of Herno in attendance included Corice Arman (Collector), Olaf Breuning (Artist), Anh Duong (Artist), Lolita Cross (Curator), Brett Littman (The Drawing Center), Charlotte Kidd (Artist), Nemo & Fulano Librizzi (Artist/Curator), Robert Verdi (Stylist), Logan Horne (Stylist), Maury Hopson (Hair Stylist), Logan Jackson (Model/Photographer), Ric Pipino (Hair Stylist), Antoine Verglas (Photographer), Drena Deniro (Film), Jessica Joffe (Actress), Alessandra Balazs (Actress), John Buffalo Mailer (Playwright/Actor), Alice Longyu Gao (DJ/Performing Artist), Chiara Clemente (Chef) and Mery Racauchi (Influencer) and more…

Alessandra Balazs
Wolfgang Sevigny, Paul Sevigny, Sophie Sevigny
Nemo Librizzi, Claudio Marenzi, Fulano Librizzi


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