Enjoy the Spirit of Summer with RUTTE CELERY GIN Cocktails

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In anticipation of National Gin Day on June 11, check out a few different ways to enjoy Rutte Celery Gin!

 Whether it is a simple gin and tonic or a fruity and refreshing gin cocktail, there are many ways to enjoy The Spirit of Summer.




RUTTE Celery Gin & Tonic
RUTTE Celery Gin & Tonic

2 pts. Rutte Celery Gin
4 pts. Fever-Tree Tonic
Pinch of salt
Garnish: celery stalk

Build in a highball glass filled with ice, pour Rutte Celery Gin then tonic over top. Add pinch of salt. Stir and garnish with a celery stalk.



RUTTE Celery Negroni
RUTTE Celery Negroni

1 pt. Rutte Celery Gin
1 pt. Campari
1 pt. Soft Rosso Vermouth
4 drops Fleur de Sel Solution
Garnish: celery stalk to stir

Add all ingredients and stir until cold and diluted. Strain over fresh cubed ice into a rocks glass.



RUTTE Celery Snapper
RUTTE Celery Snapper

2 pts. Rutte Celery Gin
4 pts. tomato juice
1 pt. pineapple juice
¼ pt. fresh lemon juice
¼ pt. Worcestershire sauce
2 dash soy sauce
2 dash hot sauce
2 pinch celery salt
1 pinch black pepper
1 pinch chili powder
Salt to taste
Garnish: celery stalk

Combine all non-alcoholic ingredients for a single cocktail or multiply ingredients by number of desired servings for a pre-mix batch. Add 2 parts Rutte Celery Gin to each serving, then top with the mix.



RUTTE Grapefruit Splash
RUTTE Grapefruit Splash

2 pts. Rutte Celery Gin
Top with Stiegl-Radler
Garnish: grapefruit slice

Top with Stiegl-Radler in a highball glass over regular ice.


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