Engaged Bachelor Couple Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Host a Wine Tasting at the Kia Malibu Beach House

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Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson

Malibu – Engaged Bachelor couple Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson hosted a wine tasting for their friends at the Kia Beach House over the weekend in Malibu. Ben’s winery, Envolve Wines, provided the bottles for tasting! The couples close friends came out to relax in the California sun on Sunday afternoon, snacking on Sabra Hummus and keeping hydrated on an array of drinks when they weren’t sipping on wine, Hubert’s lemonadeSambazon Energy drinks, Zico Coconut Water and Resource Water.

It was a pretty quiet day for the friends, lounging out and catching up. Ben and Courtney were able to sneak away for a few moments as they dipped their toes in the water and shared soft kisses on the beach. Courtney rocked a C&C tank and cut off Simply Shorts later in the day as her hubby-to-be wore his favorite Contraband hat. The two were seen moisturizing their lips with ChapStick before kisses! The crew were able to drink in peace as Kia supplied chauffeurs and cars to take them to and from the house.

Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson
Envolve Wines
Envolve Wines



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