Premiere Party for Bravo’s New ‘Love Broker’ Series at Lilium

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‘Love Broker’ Premiere Party at Lilium

New York – On Thursday night, July 19, the premiere party of Bravo’s new series, “Love Broker” took place at Lilium in New York City.

Aviva Drescher, cast member of “Real Housewives of New York, was spotted with her husband, Reid Drescher. Arriving for the premiere party of Bravo’s new show, “Love Brokers,” the beauty was dressed in black from head to toe, donning a pants suit with a cropped jacket and black peep-toe heels. Looking dapper, Reid huddled in the corner with a group of well-dressed men while Aviva relaxed in a booth with a glass of white wine until she was approached by a Bethenny Frankel look-a-like and invited the fan to sit next to her for a chat. Aviva buddied up with the brunette, discussing her children and congratulating the fan for starting med school before posing for a picture with her.

Across the room, the award-winning-porn-star-turned-real-estate-mogul, Fredrik Eklund, was seen getting hot and heavy with his fiancé, engaging him in a “million dollar” makeout session. He was later overheard discussing the industry with Jennifer Zucher, an NYC real estate agent and star of “Love Broker.”

‘Love Broker’ Premiere Party at Lilium
‘Love Broker’ Premiere Party at Lilium


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