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VOLI Light Vodka Super Bowl Cocktails

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As the Super Bowl is rapidly approaching, plan and prepare for the perfect Super Bowl party with the world’s first low-calorie vodka! Praised for having approximately 1/3 fewer calories than other vodkas, Voli Light Vodkas prove you can be healthy while still enjoying a cocktail (especially in the midst of consuming an overload of calories […]


Healthy Cocktails for 2013 by Russian Standard Vodka & Caliche Rum

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As the holiday season winds down and the last thing we all need is to pack on more calories, Russian Standard Vodka & Caliche Rum have got you covered! As you resolve to be healthier this year (without giving up the booze, of course), stay tipsy with the ‘Russian Standard Fountain of Youth‘ cocktail and […]


Voli Light Vodka St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

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It’s almost time for one of the most notorious drinking days of the year – St. Patrick’s Day! Want to celebrate in style without worrying about calories? Throw away the beer and try these Voli Light Vodka St. Patrick’s Day cocktails! 25 to 40% lower in calories than leading brands, these delicious low–calorie cocktails still embody the […]