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Ring in the New Year with Magical Millenial Pink Food & Beverage at DESTINATION HOTELS

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 6.33.37 PM

Destination Hotels is adding glitz and glam to its menus celebrating the millennial pink trend! From luggage to cookware to clothing, millennial pink has made a big splash this year with the muted pink color everywhere. Not only has Destination Hotels captured millennial pink through interior design of its Quirk Hotel, now the independent luxury […]


Unicorn Desserts + Cocktails from Destination Hotels

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What happens when you mix Unicorns with dessert or cocktails? Unicorn inspired desserts and cocktails! We have put together the below collection of magical treats inspired by everyone’s favorite mythical creature, from Terranea Resort, La Cantera Resort & Spa and Hotel De Anza, each part of Destination Hotels, a collection of more than forty independent […]