About Us

I can definitely say we’re no different from you. We work hard all day, play hard all night, 3 Advil in the morning and then back from the top. We strive to provide you with fresh, informative content to assure you that every night is a memory in the making, but inevitably, sometimes best forgotten. That being said, we’d like to thank everybody at Tipsy Diaries who put their heart and liver into this with us, and those that allow us to spend less time caught in the grind and more time holding our glasses high, in order to spread the Tipsy brand to new and exciting possibilities.

As for our Tipsy family deep in the brush of Los Angeles, New York, Miami, & Las Vegas, we couldn’t imagine chasing drinks & dreams with a more understanding, out-going, and sometimes even drunken, emotional group. We will always cherish the unforgettable memories we’ve shared, including the ones that we swore to forget, and we look forward to many more to come.

We understand that it’s unrealistic that everyone in the world is given the opportunity to follow their passion and love what they do, but, Tipsy is about the understanding that…if the bills are paid and a shoulder is always present to maintain a lil’ balance, then life is TOO good to waste. So shake up some excitement, and stir up a lil’ love, because the city is your barkeep with the ‘good life’s’ ingredients on tap.

All of us here at Tipsy Diaries would like to stress the importance of Drinking Responsibly. Always have a ‘Tipsy Buddy’ and a designated driver present. No Explanation Needed! We know the score; just make sure before you make any decisions with your impaired judgment, you ask a friend to assess the situation. Oh yeah, and drinks with strange fizzling being produced from the bottom…Ask for another..don’t take the chance. Other than that – have fun, cut loose and let us help you Stay Tipsy!

-Tipsy Founder