The Cheapest Grocery Store in the US


As inflation rises and many households across the country are feeling the pinch, many thrifty bargain hunters are looking around to find the cheapest deals possible.

You need to find solutions to keep those costs down for your weekly essentials like food and gas.

That’s why you may be interested in the recent findings of the Dunnhumby study, which, among other metrics, measures which grocery stores offer the best value for customers. 

You might not be surprised to find that Aldi tops the list once again. But why is Aldi so cheap? Let’s run through some reasons,

Aldi avoids brands

The vast majority of stock in Aldi stores is private label. That means you won’t find your favorite big-name brands in the store. By avoiding often overpriced big-name brands, Aldi partners with smaller food brands, saving costs and passing those savings on to you.

Brand Products are Overstock

The few brand products you will find in Aldi are often either overstock or discontinued items. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean the products are bad or out of date; they just tend to be the less popular items that haven’t sold well. Aldi buys this stock at low prices. Again, it passes those savings on to the consumer in the form of lower prices. 

Smaller Stores

Aldi sells fewer products than other major grocery stores. This, in turn, leads to smaller stores. Follow the logic here – smaller stores mean lower rent prices for the company. 

Smaller stores also take fewer staff members to run them. In addition, Aldi’s minimalist shelves with very simple stacked items take less time to organize, meaning a store can run on a fraction of the employees you’ll see in a Stop & Shop, for example.

This is another example of how the company’s lower overhead costs mean they can afford to offer the consumer more savings. 

Minimal Decoration

There are no frills to an Aldi store – you won’t find fancy branding, large murals, or overcomplicated packaging here. There is a marked difference between, say, a Trader Joe’s, where there is a visible effort to brand the store, and an Aldi that looks plain in comparison. Whatever your personal preference, Aldi saves money by not overly branding its stores.

Energy-efficient Lighting

Aldi is a frontrunner when it comes to sustainability among its competitors. They use recycled materials, energy-saving refrigeration, and LED lighting. These measures are all great for the environment and resulting in cheaper energy bills for the company. It recently installed energy-efficient lighting throughout its stores, even using open ceilings to allow natural light to enter the store. 

Not as much advertising

Although Aldi does have a small tv ad campaign, you don’t see ads as frequently as other popular name brands. This means Aldi has extra money to save for what they do best, bringing you lower prices than its competitors.

Shop at Aldi with Instacart

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