5 Incredible Ways to Make Your Vacation More Special


Vacations are always about having a good time, whether traveling solo or with family or friends. You must commit to leaving your stress home while packing your bags and letting your hair down at the destination. Think about going the extra mile to pack a punch in the holiday. Luckily, you need not spend a fortune to make your vacation more special than ever. Just be a little creative to enhance the thrill and enjoyment. Here are some incredible ways to do it.

Ditch the guidebook

Vacations are far more exciting when you choose your own adventures, so ditch the guidebook the next time you are there. You may also save big on guided tours while discovering the hidden gems at your destination. Ask the locals, follow Google Maps, or dare to lose your way while exploring the city. You will have a great time seeing the real culture and tasting authentic food. You may even find great friends on the way!

Break your plan

Surprisingly, breaking your plan can actually make the holiday more memorable. Of course, sensible travelers prepare an itinerary before embarking on vacations. But leave room for flexibility in case you wish to try something different. You may want to stay an extra day or drive to another city instead of staying at the same destination for a week. Consider keeping a day or two more and not locking yourself down with reservations to experience the thrill of unpredictability.

Get tipsy and have fun

A holiday isn’t fun if you do not get tipsy! It is easy if traveling solo or with your partner, but you may have to plan a little when kids are in tow. Of course, you can wait for them to sleep and have a good time drinking with your partner. Think beyond beer and wine for your tipsy goals. Book a 420-friendly accommodation if you are a cannabis lover. Check portable bongs to find one that fits into your luggage easily. Carry your stash, but remember to follow the rules.

Be lazy when you want

Vacations can be tiring if you pack the itinerary and try to do too much. You may end up feeling stressed and exhausted. Instead, give yourself the freedom to feel lazy when you want. You shouldn’t feel guilty about sleeping in until late in the morning or lazing about on the beach all day. Leisure has its own pleasure, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. Bring relaxing vibes to your holidays by indulging in this sinful pleasure. 

Shed your inhibitions

Shedding your inhibitions is another surefire way to make vacations more exciting. Do creative and innovative things you may have tried done before. Try a new cuisine, get crazy with your partner in bed, book an adventure activity, or befriend someone who doesn’t speak your language. The feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone is exhilarating, and it can make your holiday more special than you imagine. 

A run-of-the-mill holiday is as good as staying at home, and you deserve a lot better. Try these ideas to make your next vacation thrilling and memorable.


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