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The immediate future feels very uncertain – and unsettling – right now. While we may not have a crystal ball, we can try to find solace in the predictable, like gathering with a small group of friends or family for the holidays to laugh, drink and eat, very soon. Having a quality bottle of wine handy has never felt more crucial, cut to The Prisoner Wine Company.

The wines below range from light to full-bodied and each bottle’s eye-catching label can easily shift the table conversation to something a little more savory.



Eternally Silenced 2018 (SRP $50): Your families may not have heard of the new Eternally Silenced pinot noir, whose sleek wax coating will make a recipient feel like she’s holding a collectible bottle. This wine is light, red fruit forward and has cozy winter aromas like pine needle and cranberry. 

Eternally Silenced 2018


Saldo 2018 (SRP $32): Don’t let the simplistic label fool you, this Zinfandel is the perfect thought-provoking bottle to gift the wine enthusiasts in your life. Its deep, ruby color is coupled with aromas of black pepper and cherry – each sip featuring just a hint of chocolate. If your go-to holiday recipes include roast beef or layered lasagna, Saldo is the perfect match.

Saldo 2018


Blindfold 2019 (SRP $32): Blindfold is a crisp, unique white blend featuring a classic Chardonnay base. This full and balanced wine boasts aromas of lychee, citrus, apple pie and peach which culminate in a lengthy finish. Bring a bottle this Thanksgiving to pair with classic winter vegetables or seafood hors d’oeuvres.

Blindfold 2019


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