Dr. Timberlake Deplanes with a Toast!


When most people think to themselves “It’s gonna be May,” they think of graduation season (and Mother’s Day). But this weekend, Justin Timberlake’s anticipation rose to fever pitch when he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music. After receiving the honor in Boston on Saturday, Justin jetted back to California to get home in time to celebrate Mother’s Day with Jessica and baby Silas, and as he deplaned off his private jet, was spotted brandishing a celebratory bottle of The Prisoner red blend, which he posted to Instagram! Having joked during the commencement ceremony about “not doing surgeries but can probably work out some prescriptions” now that he’s a doctor, he refrained from hitting anything harder than a beloved bottle, known to be a favorite of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Mara.

Looking to raise a glass to Justin’s big win with this wine?

Available nationwide, this red retails for only $47!

The Prisoner
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