Thirsty? New Ready-To-Drink Hits Shelves – STRONGBOW HARD CIDER

Strongbow Hard Cider 100 Cal Slim Cans
Strongbow Hard Cider

Boozy, bubbly and low-cal? Strongbow Hard Cider can help you entertain with a new variety pack.

With only 100 calories per can, and no artificial flavors or colors, the new 100- Cal Slim Cans variety pack is a refreshing, light alternative to canned wines and hard seltzers, and perfect for those conscious of well-being.

These variety packs will include:

(NEW) Dry Pear – a subtly-sweet pear-apple cider with a light, dry finish

Rosé Apple – a semi-dry apple-pear cider with a touch of red-flesh apple

Original Dry – a recently relaunched fan favorite offering a refreshing dry finish to England’s #1 Cider


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