RED PLATE, An Original Chinese Dining Concept, Opens at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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RED PLATE, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is pleased to announce the opening of Red Plate, a luxurious new dining concept that celebrates traditional Chinese cuisine in a refined setting. Red Plate introduces an unparalleled dining experience rooted in authentic Cantonese flavors to the luxury casino-resort.

Red Plate’s culinary vision is led by Chef Yip Cheung, an esteemed expert in multi-regional Chinese cuisine. Cheung formerly helmed the kitchen at The Cosmopolitan’s high-end gaming parlor, The Talon Club, where he created elevated dining experiences for the resort’s Far East clientele.  As Executive Chef of Red Plate, Cheung utilizes traditional Chinese techniques and preparations to present an authentic Cantonese menu with hints of modern inspiration. Menu highlights include an array of carefully selected, signature roasted meats, Chinese hot pot and handmade dim sum.

RED PLATE at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The restaurant’s design concept was envisioned by architect firm, Marnell Companies, in tandem with Celano Design Studio. The space reflects authentic Chinese design and culture with elements of traditional craft, artwork and furniture balanced with contemporary materials. The exterior exudes a striking, sculptural and detailed design, drawing guests in with curved, champagne-colored walls in contrast to black metal and brass detailing. The entryway flows into an intimate bar and lounge before leading to the main dining space, accented by luxurious red banquettes. Guests are surrounded in rich tones accentuated by luxurious fabrics, polished marble and traces of gold.

The significance behind the naming of Red Plate was inspired by a historic Chinese tradition surrounding the Royal Family. Visiting officials would submit a plate to the Emperor during mealtime as an offering as a means to be called in to address the Emperor. The various colors of plates would symbolize stature and rank. The more prominent figures such as princes, dukes and members of the Royal Family would use red plates. As a distinguished nod to the restaurant’s namesake, guests to Red Plate at The Cosmopolitan can expect at some point during the meal to be served a signature dish on a red plate as well. The resort sourced more than 50 plates from various countries and continents across the globe including Asia and Europe, some dating back to the 1800s with the youngest from 1940.

The highly anticipated opening of Red Plate further enhances the amenities offered to high-end gaming clientele to the resort. Red Plate serves as a direct complement to The Talon Club, The Cosmopolitan’s high-stakes modernized gaming lounge, The Boulevard Penthouses, reserved exclusively for the casino’s top customers, and The Reserve, the private gaming salon that serves Boulevard Penthouse guests.

Red Plate is located on the third level of The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Tower adjacent to Scarpetta and Beauty & Essex. Red Plate is open daily from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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