Recover with a ‘Mexican Mary’ and TEQUILA CAZADORES on National Bloody Mary Day!

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Fittingly, January 1st is also National Bloody Mary Day!

Whether you’re recovering from your New Year’s Eve party or looking for the perfect brunch cocktail, ring in the first day of the year with a Mexican Mary from Tequila CAZADORES.

A spicy twist on the classic recipe, the Mexican Mary stars Tequila CAZADORES Blanco, an award-winning 100% agave tequila, and also features Maggi sauce and a touch of dry chipotle powder. Garnish with a few vegetables to ease into your “New Year, New You” resolutions, or with Mexican-style grilled shrimp if you’re craving something a little heavier.



Mexican Mary

Mexican Bloody Maria

•2 oz. Tequila Cazadores Blanco
•6 oz. of Zing Zang Bloody Mary
• ½ oz. fresh lime juice
•2 dashes of Maggi Sauce
•1/8 of teaspoon of dry chipotle powder
•Pinch of dry oregano
•Salt rim using Manny’s Salt (pasilla and guajillo chiles with a touch of hibiscus flower)

Add all ingredients (besides salt) to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into salt rimmed glass. Garnish with Mexican style grill shrimp, kabob with tomatoes, fresno chile, Mexican zucchini and onion.


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