WHISPERING ANGEL ROSÉ, Sugarfina, & People’s Pops Combine for Delicious LABOR DAY WEEKEND Treat!

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We are excited to share the recipe for a Labor Day Weekend treat that’ll keep the summer celebrations going into September!

Courtesy of people’s pops, the artisan frozen treat purveyor based in Brooklyn, NYC – this shaved ice recipe combines everyone’s favorite rosé, Whispering Angel, with delicious DIY people’s pops fruit syrup topped with those coveted Sugarfina Whispering Angel gummies to create the ultimate refresher to mark the end of summer 2016..

You can catch this being served at alice + olivia stores in the Hamptons over LDW, or you can make it yourself at home!



Peach Jasmine Whispering Angel RoséInfused Shaved Ice

Whispering Rosé
Whispering Rosé

1 cup hand-shaved ice

2 parts people’s pops inspired Peach Jasmine fruit syrup

2 parts Whispering Angel rosé wine

Handful Sugarfina Whispering Angel gummies 


people’s pops inspired fruit syrup: Roast fresh local peaches and collect the juice through a sieve. Dissolve 1 part water to 2 parts sugar over heat until thoroughly mixed. Add crushed dried jasmine tea leaves and the roasted peach juice to the syrup.

Shaved ice: Hand shave 1 cup of ice from ice block. Pour fruit syrup and Whispering Angel rosé separately onto the ice. Top with Sugarfina Whispering Angel gummies as desired.

*Note: this recipe was created for a private Hamptons Labor Day Weekend event at alice + olivia retail stores

Prep Time: 1 hour




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