A Spiced Rum Spin on St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

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Check out these two innovative recipes that include a spiced rum spin on St. Patrick’s Day cocktails.

Both cocktails were created by Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Brand Ambassador, Daniel “Gravy” Thomas.




Heavy Oil
Heavy Oil

.75 parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
.75 parts Crème De Banana Liqueur
.75 parts Butterscotch Schnapps Liqueur
Stout Beer
Chocolate Candy shavings

Add all ingredients into a chilled Collins glass with no ice
Top with Guinness Stout, garnished with chocolate shaves, and mint (optional)

Tasting Notes:
This is a cold weather cocktail with a chocolate profile. It’s a perfect follow up to a plate bangers and mash as an after dinner cocktail. The cinnamon and nutmeg in Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum offer a balanced and spicy taste with the richness of Guinness.” – Daniel “Gravy” Thomas


Throw Shade

Throw Shade
Throw Shade

2 parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
Juice of half a lime
1.5 parts simple syrup
8 mint leaves
Amber lager

Muddle simple syrup & mint
Add Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and shake over ice
Double strain
Serve in beer mug or pint glass on the rocks
Topped with Amber Lager
Garnish with lime and mint

Tasting Notes:
This is a refreshing take on the classic shanty beer cocktail. Sailor Jerry’s natural Caribbean spices are introduced through a full bodied citrus finish.” – Daniel “Gravy” Thomas


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