Journey Through the Glass: Bringing South Africa To Your Table with AMARULA CREAM

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With the holidays on the horizon and readers looking for a more decadent alternative to the usual suspect of liqueurs, we’d like to introduce you to Amarula Cream, the ‘Spirit of Africa,’ for cool weather sipping. Celebrating a quarter-century just last month, Amarula is the second largest cream liqueur in the world, and is consumed globally and enjoyed in a variety of ways. In South Africa, drinkers typically enjoy Amarula neat or over-ice at the end of a long day or a big meal. It is also great mixed with Brandy and a little cream for an even more decadent treat!


Amarula Cream is made from the marula fruit, a small, yellow, plum-shaped fruit, indigenous to South Africa.

The fruit is grown on the Marula tree in the rural, Northeast Limpopo Province.

Ripe fruit is hand-harvested during the African summer (January-March) and sorted for quality before being crushed and separated from seeds, nuts and skins.

The juice is transported to Stellenbosch where it is fermented, double distilled and aged for two years in French oak barrels and then combined with fresh dairy cream.

Amarula Cream is light brown to caramel in color, with a full, creamy taste and hints of citrus.

Amarula Cream is distributed nationally and retails for SRP $19.99 (750mL).

Amarula Cream



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