Oscar Cocktails by ZING Vodka, Pearl’s, & Stack Wine

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ZING Vodka
ZING Vodka

Whether you’re throwing a red-carpet worthy viewing party for your friends or just enjoying the show on your own, ZING Vodka, Pearl’s and Stack Wine are viewing essentials for the star-studded affair.   

What could be more perfect to serve your friends during the red-carpet coverage and Hollywood’s biggest night than ZING Red Velvet Vodka cocktails? Transforming the popular dessert into your glass, ZING Red Velvet Vodka’s smooth and sweet taste will become a party hit!  I love impressing my friends with the “Red Velvet Icing” and “Red Velvet Cosmo”- they look and taste like a $20 drink from the hottest bars but they are so easy to make up at home!  My friends swear I lead a double life as a mixologist!

Red Velvet Cosmo

ZING Red Velvet Cosmo
ZING Red Velvet Cosmo

2 oz Zing Red Velvet

1 oz White Cranberry Juice

.5 oz Simple Syrup

.5 oz Lemon Juice

Add ingredients and shake

 served Up

Garnish: With a lemon twist

Glass:  Martini


From the glitz of the crystal chandeliers to the glam of the neon sign illuminating the Sunset Boulevard, Pearl’s in West Hollywood hearkens back to the golden age of the Sunset Strip and Old Hollywood. On one of the most glamorous nights, treat your guests Pearl’s The Wolf of Wall Street-inspired cocktail, “The Leo & Lime.” The fresh and flavorful libation, appropriately named after Pearl’s favorite leading man, is sure to be a star among your guests!

Pearl’s “The Leo & Lime”

Pearl's The Leo & Lime
Pearl’s The Leo & Lime

1.5 oz Casamigos Tequila

1 oz Passion Fruit

.25 oz Agave Nectar

1 Strawberry frozen in ½ water and ½ lime juice sphere

Strawberry & Lime Garnish


For those hosting an A-list Golden Globes event at home, Stack Wine’s ultra convenient packaging allows your guests to watch the stars walk the carpet in their designer gowns and enjoy the wine without cumbersome glassware and corkscrews.  Stack Wine’s elegant stemless “glasses” come pre-filled with quality California wine, zipped into a convenient shrink-sleeve, and features four individual containers that stack on top of one another to form the equivalent of one full bottle of wine.  The single-serving packaging also allows for consumers to sip one glass of wine without spoiling the rest of the bottle, and comes in four varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Red Blend and Chardonnay.

Stack Wine
Stack Wine


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