Porter & Plot Wine Launch at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood

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Porter & Plot
Porter & Plot Wine Launch at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood

Porter & Plot creates wines of exceptional quality from lesser known varietals and unique appellations with a distinctive story. With a focus on the details, winemakers create limited-production artisan wines to bring drinkers first time access to micro-production bottles with the same ease of availability you would experience from a macro-producer. Through simple, balanced and approachable wines, their goal is to make it easy to explore the undiscovered world of wine and enjoy the journey.

Guests at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood on Tuesday night were treated to a journey through the different regions of the Porter & Plot Wine – each guest received a “flight ticket” to get them through the below stations. Each station embodied a different aspect of the wine experience and delivered a full experience with the accompaniment food pairings.

Porter & Plot
Porter & Plot Wine Launch at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood

Aroma Adventure:

2013 Columbia Valley Pinot Gris

Porter & Plot
Porter & Plot Wine Launch at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood

Jars of pineapple, sage, rosemary, apples, pears, green grass, honey, vanilla extract and green peppers were some of the scents that were experienced at this station. Food that was paired with this wine was the ‘Roasted Red Pepper with Balsamic and Basil’ and ‘Burata with Cumquat, Celery and Walnut Pesto’

Texture Trek:

2012 Edna Valley Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

Guests went through a variation of textures that translate to different wines – the textures consisted of wool, silk , satin, felt, sandpaper and burlap. Food paired at this station was the ‘5 Spice braised pork belly with quince-grazed turnips’ and ‘roasted pumpkin skewers with lemon & mint’

Locavore Voyage:

2013 Costieres de Nimes

Guests were treated to local produce and cheese that complimented this wine. Food paired at this station was ‘Pomegranate glazed lamb loin’ and ‘Crab salad on endive with apple saffron vinaigrette’

Porter & Plot
Porter & Plot Wine Launch at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood


Porter & Plot will introduce their first three varietals through interactive tastings in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles where tastemakers, experts, and wine drinkers eager to learn more will get the first taste. Each event will walk tasters through a journey that exposes them to a full sensory experience, guiding them through a whole new way to enjoy wine.

Initially at launch, Porter & Plot will be sold online through Amazon.com, Club W (www.clubw.com), and via www.porterandplot.com, in addition to select restaurants.



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