#Womp101 ‘Fundraver’ at Santos Party House

Screen Shot 2012-10-21 at 10.41.40 PM
#Womp4TheKids – photo by Justin Barnes & Yuko Torihara

New York – Generally, no one chooses to stay at a fundraiser until the early morning hours. However, this past weekend, WOMP4thekids, an electronic dance music charity project, shattered that stigma by hosting #WOMP101, New York City’s first ever “FundRaver.

Taking place on the lower level of one of NYC’s hottest dance clubs, Santos Party House, partygoers rocked out to the beats of rising star D’anconia, while losing themselves in the pulsating lights wearing the scene’s newest must-have accessory, EyeParty glasses.

Over 250 guests turned out to do good while feeling good and in the process may have changed the landscape of fundraising forever. The highly energetic crowd came ready to get down for the cause and were able to send over 250 children to school in Ghana, Africa, supported by The Unlock Foundation. Each attendee was also provided with a one oz. Rave Juice to help ward off the impending feelings that naturally come with being out until the wee hours, however, everyone involved took pride in knowing that they were helping a cause much larger than themselves.

#Womp4TheKids – photo by Justin Barnes & Yuko Torihara
#Womp4TheKids – photo by Justin Barnes & Yuko Torihara
#Womp4TheKids – photo by Justin Barnes & Yuko Torihara


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