The REVOLVER GROUP is Loaded with Fun to Come and Greenfield’s Finger is on the Trigger

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Last time we stumbled in on Benjamin Greenfield of The REVOLVER GROUP, we focused a lot on the man caught holding the match to the roof and what it is he does and how you want to be there when he does it.  Luckily, after our latest sit down at Fred Segal on Melrose, over the best tiramisu around, we were given the opportunity to take a further look into his co-owned company as a company, and also what’s in store for the future of The REVOLVER GROUP, which is due to be littered with venue remains and party debris.

After hosting Hollywood’s longest running weekly party at Teddy’s located in the Roosevelt Hotel, Ken and Lisa Vanderpump sought Greenfield and The REVOLVER GROUP’S talents to take over Tuesday’s at SUR Lounge, which is coming up on it’s one year. A-listers pouring out like Niagara Falls and others standing like the unemployment line, Tuesdays at SUR is at the summit of LA’s exclusive nightlife. The REVOLVER GROUP hosts a pre-dinner, which is followed by a song and dance from a candlestick and clock, magically transforming the venue into an exclusive, intimate, nightclub.

On a recent Tuesday night, we witnessed Ben doing his thing. Dressed to the nines in a J. Lindenberg suit, Ben was in control. From his impeccable service, to the doormen, to the sexy crowd, to the atmosphere, to the maintained energy of the party – the service-oriented focus of the Revolver experience throughout the night was ever-present. With one of the tightest doors in town with the two toughest doormen around, not just anyone was getting in, which was obvious from the quality of the party.

The REVOLVER GROUP also hosts CHURCH on Monday nights, which was recently moved to Hemingway’s, a club that is reminiscent to a mogul’s grand library, with high ceilings lined with books and Hemingway typewriters from top to bottom. This spot offers a different vibe than Tuesday’s at SUR. Monday nights are more ‘Hollywood cool’ as opposed to the sexier, upscale rendezvous vibe at SUR.

However, the quality of the crowd is something that stays consistent on both nights. Restaurant owners, grammy-award winning artists, spawn of A-listers, family, & friends, on any given night, show up to support Ben, and to party of course. LMFAO even strolled through one night dropping an impromptu performance.

Now, onto what the future holds for The REVOLVER GROUP…

REVOLVER and Greenfield recently partnered up with Mr. Pink of Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink. The mogul saw Ben and The REVOLVER GROUP’S worth and wants them to work on the branding of Mr. Pink. The herbal ginseng drink will be used quite frequently at Ben’s Revolver Parties, and on any given night, guests will be fusing Mr. Pink as a mixer into their cocktails (as if LA could afford to lose more sleep). With Ben’s a-list friends who frequent his Revolver parties, Mr. Pink will immediately be on the taste buds of tastemakers throughout town. The connectivity that Ben and his team offers is extreme; like a 6-figure marketing budget at one party.

Additionally, due to a personal referral, Robert Earl, founder & CEO of Planet Hollywood International, Hard Rock Cafe, and Chairman of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, sought Ben out.  Mr. Earl wants The REVOLVER GROUP to host a Wednesday night event at Planet Dailies/Mixology 101 in West Hollywood. The Revolver party will consist of a radio show with celebrity interviews, as they work closely with Robert Earl’s partners at EXTRA and Mario Lopez. The national connectivity that The REVOLVER GROUP will attain from this platform will only help Greenfield in expanding his brand.

Furthermore, Ben and The REVOLVER GROUP will be working with the Thompson Group of the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and various other high-end hotels around the world. On Thursday nights at the Tropicana Bar, poolside at the Roosevelt, Greenfield will be throwing one of his Revolver parties that is based on fusing together both fashion designers and artists, therefore giving it an exposé vibe.

There’s more!

The Day-life Pool Series by The REVOLVER GROUP will be hitting Hollywood this summer at an a-list hotel in town. The location cannot be disclosed yet, however, if you’re in the right circle, you’ll hear about it. This Revolver party will also be an outlet for Mr. Pink & El Cartel Tequila to be in the hands and on the taste buds of the right people. El Cartel is part-owned by REVOLVER GROUP co-owner, Michael Hamod.

To round out The REVOLVER GROUP’s near-future plans and to finish off the summer, in late September, Greenfield will be producing a charity event at Jeff Franklin’s 35 million-dollar house. It’ll definitely be a ‘full house’ as the event will benefit Operation USA, a disaster relief organization that alleviates the effects of disasters, disease, and endemic poverty throughout the world.

As The REVOLVER GROUP garners huge corporate attention, and companies come knocking on Greenfield’s door, Ben is opening the core of the group to new entities, and allowing it to grow in different directions. New logistic partners, merchandising, promotions, fashion management, a modeling entity, and a concierge service, are just a few of the areas that will be under the umbrella of The REVOLVER GROUP.

Even though The REVOLVER GROUP is expanding, at the core of it all, Greenfield is making sure to keep his focus on the quality of the brand and to keep the Revolver experience alive.




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