Celebrity Stylist Brad Goreski Hosts The EBAY “Selling Style Studio”

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Brad Goreski

Wooden coffee table, old exercise bike – Craigslist…Some of the hottest fashions at a new low price – EBAY!

To most, fashion isn’t just the clothes on your back, it’s a lifestyle…but unless your Ralph Lauren, there’s no rate of return, just countless dollars for a look that only stays hot for a minute. Now you can wash your hands of the “HAD TO HAVE IT” moments, and make those impulsive purchases into discounts for the next. How many times have you “HAD TO HAVE IT!” and the tags never leave the strap? 1000x’s too many! Good ideas at the time, sometimes don’t stay good ideas for long…so here’s a better idea…EBAY!

On Friday, July 13, Tipsy Diaries met up with the new eBay ‘Chic Squad’ and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski in Los Angeles, to hear about his top shopping and styling tips, and to see just how Los Angeles can cash in on their fashion and say goodbye to closet commitment.

The star of Bravo’s It’s a Brad, Brad World and author of the new book Born to Be Brad: My Life and Style, So FarBrad showed us just how easy it is to sell fashions on eBay to free up space in your closet AND earn extra money to fund new fashion finds. It is a four-step selling process – script, shoot, price, and list.

Even better – you can do this all while on the go! eBay’s mobile app allows you to quickly research items, list items, and make sales from virtually anywhere.

On Friday and Saturday, people brought in chic fashion items that they wished to consign to Westside Pavilion and also learned tips and tricks for successful selling.

When asked what the most unusual article of clothing that has been brought in to the “Selling Style Studio,” Brad mentioned that someone brought in a wedding dress! Perfect item to sell that one will hopefully never need again!

We spoke with Brad about his own personal “closet secrets”, and he mentioned that he’s pretty good about wearing everything he has at least once. In the near future you might be able to find some of Brad’s infamous styles on eBay…up for grabs!

The eBay Selling Style Tour will also be traveling to New York City, Dallas, San Jose and San Francisco.


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