Grand Opening of Pressed Juicery in West Hollywood

Picture 1
DJ Samantha Ronson & Nicole Richie, Grand Opening of Pressed Juicery

Los Angeles – On Tuesday night, Pressed Juicery celebrated the grand opening of its new West Hollywood location benefitting One Voice Holiday Program.

Co-Founders, Hayden Slater, Hedi Gores, and Carly Brien, were joined by DJ Samantha Ronson, who was behind the DJ booth, and BFF Nicole Richie, who was sampling many of the fresh pressed juice flavors throughout the night. Lukas Haas, Mindy Kaling, and Nicole Simone were also in attendance celebrating the newly opened juicery.

VuQo Vodka and Revolucion Tequilamixed with fresh Pressed Juicery beverages, kept the guests tipsy all night.

The grand opening marked Pressed Juicery’s third location since launching in 2010 in Brentwood Town Center and Malibu Lumber Yard.  All juices are available for pick up at the retail locations, and can also be ordered online for delivery in the Los Angeles area.

DJ Samantha Ronson & Mindy Kaling, Grand Opening of Pressed Juicery
VuQo Vodka & Revolucion Tequila, Grand Opening of Pressed Juicery











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