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RT @winklevoss Oh come on #IRENE, I swear (well he means), at this moment you mean everything, you in that dress, my thoughts I confess…


RT @rainnwilson Hurricanes would be taken WAY more seriously if they were named after Super Villains. ie Hurricane Red Skull, Hurricane Riddler.


RT @MoRocca To everyone making Come On Irene jokes, the song is Come On EILEEN.


RT @bilerico Why is that Irene will make landfall in NC but NYC gets the attention? Same w/ DC/VA earthquake. Get your own natural disasters! #fb


RT @James_W_Bulger  Surrounded by concrete walls and steel bars…Id say Im prepared for Irene.


RT @DJWooooo How many times in your life will you be able to body surf down Broadway? Thanks Irene#silverlining


RT @MeahPace I guess it’s just me, myself, and Irene this weekend.


RT @JessicaWakeman: Wonder if nine months from this weekend there’ll be a bunch of babies named Irene.


RT @andrea_r Oh Irene what big swirls you have… 🙂


RT @JonathanValdez Irene: I’m on the list. @dkny sorry, I don’t have you. Irene: I spoke with dkny pr girl. @dkny I need you to step to the side #mightwork


RT @miamoretti I just ate half the groceries i bought for Irene.


RT @steveweinstein Hurricane Irene loves the attention. She’s slowing down. Dragging it out. She’s starting to remind me of Trump. #p2


LoniLove If the mayor of your city is speaking on TV holding a suitcase in one hand and a fishbowl in the other….find higher ground! #Irene
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