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@OprahReadsNews EARTHQUAKES FOR EVVVVVeeerrryyyyOOOOnnnneeeeeee!!! New York gets an earthquake, DC gets an earthquake, Virginia gets an earthquake…

@chrismanzo over the earthquake, which is the new plankng, which was the new royal wedding, which was the new rapture, which was the new winning

@cristinaeverett Where’s Ryan Gosling when you need to be saved now?? #earthquake

@babystylekate @dkny Doesn’t the earth know it’s almost #NYFW?

@BradWalsh I was unable to pay my federal taxes from 2004-2010 because of the earthquake

@Juli_Gold I just want my “I Survived the Earthquake in NYC Summer 2011” t-shirt

@BarstoolNewYork  Never forget 8/23

@MrBabyCakes “Earthquake” in NYC? Really? Get over yourself New Yorkers.

@Aqua174 Has anyone blamed Barack Obama for the earthquake yet?

@M15_Lounge Earthquake Party at M1-5 thursday – Saturday. Drink till you shake.

@RayRaytheActor ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔I Survived a Earthquake #Swagggg

@HuggyLowdownDC  Waiting For Michelle Bachman to Release A Statement Saying ThisEarthquake was Mother Nature’ Way of Saying GAS SHOULD BE TWO DOLLRS!

@erinbury Best place to not feel an earthquake: The Eaton Centre. Only thing I felt today was buyer’s remorse.

@confederateyank Earthquake today, Hurricane by the weekend. When the Potomac turns to blood and the locusts come, will DC finally get a clue?

@CityBoyJet R.I.P to everybody hairlines that was getting shape ups in the barber shops during the earthquake.

@Jeff_Pirro That wasn’t an earthquake. Chuck Norris moved a mountain to get to the other side.






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