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REPORT SHOES…If you haven’t seen them all over the mags by now, then get out from under the rock, and get back into the swing of things. Featured in top fashion magazines, Elle, Glamour, Genlux, etc, and on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, Mena Suvari, and Paris Hilton, these shoes are a hot commodity around town.

Just last night at the InStyle Party at the London Hotel, check out Olivia Munn in Report Signature shoes.

Kendra Wilkinson in Report

These ultra-trendy, chic, and sexy shoes appeal to the fashion conscious crowd because of their uniqueness and cutting-edge designs. The inspiration comes from the mix of art, architecture, music, and the dynamic urban culture of Seattle.

The brand produces 3 distinct labels, REPORT, the more trend-driven label, REPORT Signature, a chic designer collection, and R2, a free-spirited junior line.

And don’t fret! Business meeting? Report has just the shoe for you. Looking to party with your girlfriends all night? Done! And what about a night in? Got that too. – From stiletto heels, to chic pumps, to trendy boots, to elegant flats, they cover all the bases.

For all our loyal Tipsy readers, click here to gain access to REPORT’s Exclusive Store, where you can shop featured styles that aren’t found anywhere else.

Paris Hilton in Juno, Report Signature












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Below, check out some shoes from the Report Collection…

Diane, Report Footwear
Bishop, Report Footwear
Bella, Report Exclusive






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