curious about maceration?


Nobody macerates like Belvedere macerates! Ever wonder what gives Belvedere Vodka that explosive taste that everybody’s grown to know and love? Well wonder no more. Due to the intense and natural process of maceration, Belvedere is one of  the world’s first authentic, luxury vodkas (sorry P. Diddles, but it is). It is quadruple-distilled and then shipped to a facility in France, where the maceration magic begins; the soaking of dried and frozen citrus fruit peels. Maceration is perfectly natural…Maceration should never be rushed…and maceration definitely takes longer then 2 minutes…and its okay, everyone can watch.

Unlike other ‘infused’ flavors, the maceration process is unique in that it allows the fruit to soak for weeks at a time and not one artifical sweetener or sugar is added. Next, another distillation happens after the maceration; but this time at a low temperature that maintains the aromas.

The result is an amazing range of fresh fruit flavored vodkas that taste just like the fruit. The Schnozberries taste like Schnozberries! Can you believe it? Black Baspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Citrus, and Orange…and what you read is exactly what you get. No far off tastes pretending to be something that their not.






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