The new face of MIDORI


MIDORI; that melon tasting liqueur that is just oh so good!

Getting its start in Japan in 1971, MIDORI hit the road and never looked back. It debuted in New York City in 1978 at Studio 54, and has since been a huge success in the United States and around the world.

Do you happen to know WHY it’s so delicious? Well here’s the deal…put plain and simple, the MELONS! Now these aren’t just any melons that you can go pick up at your local grocery store; these premium melons are from Yubari, Japan, which is the melon mecca of Japan.

Now flash to today, 2011, and they have recently made a smart move and partnered with who else, but Kim Kardashian, to launch their exclusive new campaign; the ‘STAND OUT’ campaign.  This girl is everywhere these days.

Kim fits the bill perfectly for MIDORI.  Her bubbly personality, stunning looks, trendsetting style, and entrepreneurial savvy, make her stand out in any crowd. She will never blend in and MIDORI will never blend in, with its unique melon flavor and vibrant green color. They are the perfect match.

Kim will be making personal appearances on behalf of Midori throughout the year and will be hosting trunk shows featuring the ‘STAND OUT’ campaign as well as shoes and fashion accessories from ShoeDazzle, where she is the Chief Fashion stylist.

Her latest trunk show was in yours truly, Los Angeles, at Trousdale, on May 10th, and from the looks of it, was a huge success.

Can’t forget to mention Kim’s new favorite cocktail, the Midori Super Sour.


1 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur

2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

For more information on the ‘STAND OUT’ campaign, you can follow Midori on Facebook at or on Twitter at

I’ll just assume that you already follow Kim on Twitter, because who doesn’t!


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