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National Rum Day TIPSY TOUR with FLOR De CAÑA RUM around NYC


It’s August! Also known as, National Rum Month! Not only is August known for beach days, hot nights, and Summer Fridays, but it also gives us 31 days dedicated to the sweet taste of the Caribbean. With the month coming to a close, we are ‘rummed’ out! But is that ever really possible?? National Rum […]


Celebrate National Rum Day with SUGAR ISLAND RUM

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With National Rum Day right around the corner on August 16th, check out some tropical cocktails by SUGAR ISLAND RUM to enjoy before summer is over! Cheers! _______________ Sugar Island Coconut Rum ($18.99) The perfect rum for mixing up tropical and refreshing cocktails; Sugar Island Rum is made from sugar cane that is sourced from […]


Enjoy National Rum Day the Naked Way!

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National Rum Day (8/16) is the perfect time to #SipNakedSaveTurtles with The Naked Turtle White Rum. For every bottle produced, a donation is made to the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) to further conservation efforts of sea turtles around the world. This summer, The Naked Turtle teamed up with the STC to adopt a sea turtle […]


Cool Off This National Rum Day with the BACARDÍ Refresco Superior

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With National Rum Day on the horizon on August 16th, what better way to celebrate this year than with a cocktail from the world’s most awarded rum brand? Toast to National Rum Day 2017 with BACARDÍ’s Refresco Superior. Made with BACARDÍ Superior, this refreshing cocktail uses the freshest ingredients from your local market and is […]


CAPTAIN MORGAN Promises Donation to Charity in Honor of National Rum Day!

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TODAY is National Rum Day and Captain Morgan is celebrating its favorite holiday in a special way. Captain Morgan has partnered with HeadCount to engage adults in the political process and encourage them to sign the petition to amend the US Constitution so that people under the age of 35 have the option to be president. […]



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Tuesday, August 16 is NATIONAL RUM DAY! Check out some RUM cocktail recipes, brought to you by SUGAR ISLAND SPICED RUM – a delicious handcrafted rum from the Caribbean that offers a balance of natural sugars and spices at 92 proof; typically higher for a spiced rum, but it’s certainly smooth enough to enjoy straight […]


Celebrate National Rum Day the Cayman Islands Way

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On Tuesday, August 16, indulge in National Rum Day with a few of the Cayman Islands’ signature handcrafted rum cocktails, instantly transporting you to the destination’s endless stretches of warm sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters! Check out a few of these refreshing concoctions to savor and sip while soaking up those last few rays of the summer […]


National Rum Day! – Cocktails from the Hottest Bars around New York City!

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Don’t know where to celebrate “National Rum Day” tomorrow? (Tuesday, August 16) Check out some venues around New York City that highlight one of summer’s favorite spirits, RUM!..and will keep you tipsy all National Rum Day long! Cheers! __________ The Rum House (228 West 47th St., New York, NY 10036) – Make yourself at home in […]


Celebrate National Rum Day with FLOR de CANA Nicaraguan Rum

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What better way to embrace the last bit of summer than to celebrate National Rum Day on August 16th with Flor de Caña‎! Celebrating 125 years of production, family-owned Flor de Caña is an award-winning Nicaraguan rum offering a full portfolio of high-quality, naturally-aged rums. See below for your ultimate guide to traditional and non-traditional […]


The Perfect CRUZAN RUM Cocktails for National Rum Day!

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National Rum Day is just around the corner! On Tuesday, August 16th, there’s no better excuse to mix up an ice-cold cocktail to cool off and celebrate!   Cruzan Rum is the perfect go-to for the occasion and top mixologists from around the country are using their favorite expressions to whip up some amazing cocktails!   […]


RAISE YOUR RUM For National Rum Day with BACARDÍ!

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Ready to try something new to fill up your snifter or rocks glass? Put down the scotch — aged rums are the new sipping spirit and classic cocktail base to add to your bar cart. According to industry experts, premium rums are just heating up. The rum category has been shedding its beach bum image […]


Celebrate National Rum Day Fun Day with BACARDI

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With National Rum Day approaching, let your Untameable spirit loose, no matter the adventure you choose. Because time flies when you’re having rum, BACARDI has a cocktail to maximize every occasion. Whether celebrating National Rum Day on August 16th with a brunch or soaking up the sun at a rooftop pool party, bring BACARDI along […]